Dock Plates

Dock plates are abused and neglected. The only attention they get is when they break or stop working.  We offer maintenance programs to avoid repairs costs. If your dock plate is broken we also offer dock plate repairs.

Custom Work Surfaces

Whether its counter top, ledge, or made of steel – Custom designed work surfaces make everyone’s job easier and more productive.  We can provide custom solutions for your unique workspace.


Everyone hates the thought of remodeling, the mess, the noise, the cost, the inconvenience.  Our workers are respectful and courteous.  We do our best to maintain a clean work site while maintaining a superior level of craftsmanship.


From exterior construction, such as decks, patios, siding, roofing, seamless gutters, windows, and additions, to interior remodeling, we have the tools and expertise to complete the job.

Guard Railings

In any warehouse, industrial plant, or truck dock equipment can be damaged.  Guard railings can save costly repairs to stationary objects. We offer fabrication, construction, installation, and repair.


Concrete is a durable, compact, fire-resistant and watertight building material. From patching floors, to resealing residential patios, to pouring pads, we have the right tools to finish the project.


Residential or commercial – interior or exterior.  Painting can change the look from old and run down to new and inviting.

Garage Doors

We service and install all types of doors.  From terminals with 100+ doors to households that want to make a great first impression.

Bollard Repair

Just like guard rails, bollards offer a degree of safety and damage protection. When your bollard is damaged or in disrepair, give us a call. We will fix and make them look like new.


Whether its a leaky faucet, backed up toilet, or problems with your water heating / cooling system, we are here to help you before any serious water damage occurs.


Faulty wiring is responsible for more home fires then you may believe. If you notice any issues with your electrical system, such as sockets not delivering electricity, random/frequent surges, flickering lights, fuse box issues, or circuit breaker malfunctioning. Give us a call, we’ll help you restore power.


Generally in the commercial and industrial sector – repairing dock plates, bumpers, railings.  To solve difficult or troublesome problems, we enjoy fabricating to fix the issue once and for all.


An average person will spend over two years of their life in a bathroom. Impress your guests with a clean and stylish bathroom. From bare basement stubs, to gut and replace.  We work with you to make your ideas and dreams come to life.


Your kitchen is probably the center piece of your home.  It must flow and function for the pieces to work together.  That’s what makes the kitchen inviting and comfortable. We strive to create the kitchen of your dreams.


Siding, gutters, windows, and more. When you are trying to improve the value of your home, the easiest way is to improve its exterior appearance / curb appeal. We step you through the process and help you choose the most cost-effective options.

Great service and affordable price

We would like to thank Darrin and his crew for their recent work on our buildings. They are professionals who took care of our project from start to finish. Thanks!

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